You are a Good Thing

portrait-750780_640Hard to believe, isn’t it. Advertisers would have us believe that goodness can be bought, church folk tell us goodness might be benevolently bestowed upon us, others say goodness can be acquired, but no-one tells you that you ARE good. It is always said that you CAN become good, if [fill in the blank].

If you needed telling, then here it is right now. I disagree with religion, educators, superiors, elders, relatives, and anyone who might have told you otherwise. If it means that just one person on this planet is telling you different, then here it is; You are a good thing. Right now. Before the make-over, the redemption, the improvement, the epiphany, the healing, the upgrade, the achievement, or whatever. You are a good thing. Right now, this instant.

Go knowing.