Who Are You?

maskApparently you need reminding.

You are the custodian of the most powerful piece of cognitive machinery this planet has seen. You are descendant of a race of winners, the human race that never took no for an answer, always forging ahead and always finding a way. That’s why you are here. Because you WON. Against extinction, obliteration, disease, war, famine, displacement, and time itself—you won. You made it to this moment of existence and that fact alone makes you a phenomenon that would make the Titans tremble.

Only you don’t know it.

Because you have filled your mind with lies.

A lie says you are defeated. A lie says this is not for you. A lie says you are unworthy, damaged and useless. A lie says there’s no hope, and that there is no other way. A lie says it cannot be done, that it’s too late. A lie says: ‘this is just how the world is’. A lie says you were born bad. That someone with your background is destined for a life of pain. That someone like you could never make it, or hope to be happy. That someone like you is predestined for nothing but trouble.  A lie says you are not beautiful, intelligent, or glamorous enough. A lie says you have no pedigree. That you are the wrong weight, gender, age, colour, nationality or demographic. A lie says, ‘know your place, this is not for you.’ A lie says sit down and wait for others better than you to act. A lie says your mistakes define you. That your flaws are a blot on existence and that you should seek redemption, purification and perfection before you can be deemed a worthy citizen of the earth.

A lie makes you forget that you have the most amazing brain in existence. It makes you forget that with every failure, it’s learning, re-figuring out its world, re-strategising. The same brain that gets you to the front door will get you to the ends of the earth.

To walk this earth as you should, you MUST rid yourself of nasty mind viruses. Stop believing in pre-packaged, beautifully presented lies. Lies about yourself, your lot and your chances. Stop thinking that you are somehow flawed and that the rest of humanity is perfect. Stop thinking that you have to apologise for who or what you are. You have a right to all that is good on this earth, simply by virtue of your existence. Regardless of your circumstances, you are a child of this earth, of this universe, and you do indeed have a right to be here.