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The Michelangelo Effect is doing things to people’s minds…good things! Well at least that’s what you’re telling me! Here are excerpts from Amazon reviews, currently averaging  5 stars!

“the book cracked my mind right open. I literally cannot see things the way I did before.

“I found the chapters on how the brain rewires itself absolutely fascinating”

“shocks, entertains, educates and completely revamps your thinking.”

“some of the most inspirational writing in the last two chapters that I have ever come across.”

completely changed my mind-set and attitude towards success and entrepreneurship.”

“Nekesa gets us thinking about, the things we should be thinking about.”

packs a huge emotional punch. After being carried away by beautifully written stories of military conquests, phenomenal entrepreneurs and ordinary geniuses, I was not prepared for the emotional hit of the last two chapters. No book has spoken to me quite like in this way. I cried.”

“The last section, however about recreating your world was the most powerful one for me.”

“Easily the most mind-bending and thought-provoking book I’ve read for ages.”

“pure magic”

and elsewhere…

“Just reading the book has a healing effect.”

brilliantly written.”

“I was amazed at the sometimes shocking information and tickled to bits in others. It was an eye opening book and I particularly loved the chapter on Congruence.”

“You have sucker punched me…I am crying!”

“How to have a solution-finding brain!

“I love how you use quotes you use in the book to make a point, like your take on George Smith Patton’s famous quote, “never tell your brain how to do things. Tell it what to do, and it will surprise you with its ingenuity.” Love it!”

“Really spoke to me.”

“I felt an uninhibited burst of joy.”

Already having an effect.

Thank you for the brilliant feedback!

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