A Children’s Book With A Different Perspective: The Eternal Dreamer

What do a ball, a thief and a tree (that is really only pretending) have in common? Don’t ask them, they do not know.

They have forgotten.

The Eternal Dreamer is a children’s parable. The book uses lovely artwork such as murals, folk and surreal art, sourced from different artists all over the world, together with beautifully crafted prose to explore the idea of all life being a dream. Enjoy with the kids!

Eternal Dreamer

Welcome to your world

life2Any moment now, masked gunmen are going to burst through your doors and raze the entire place down to the ground in a hail of bullets and bombs. Or, rioting mobs will trample past your front window, throwing stones, burning and looting stuff.  Failing that, someone with a strange new virulent disease will sneeze on you, passing on the germ that will kill you and wipe out your entire family. Melting icecaps will have huge waves of water pour through your windows. You have nowhere to hide. You’ll be run out of your home. You’ll starve to death.

This is someone’s reality, but I’m willing to bet, NOT YOURS. Continue reading Welcome to your world

Who Are You?

maskApparently you need reminding.

You are the custodian of the most powerful piece of cognitive machinery this planet has seen. You are descendant of a race of winners, the human race that never took no for an answer, always forging ahead and always finding a way. That’s why you are here. Because you WON. Against extinction, obliteration, disease, war, famine, displacement, and time itself—you won. You made it to this moment of existence and that fact alone makes you a phenomenon that would make the Titans tremble.

Only you don’t know it. Continue reading Who Are You?

More powerful than a Wish

girl_bike2If wishes were horses…you know what comes next.  The saying states the obvious; that mere wishes have absolutely no currency. To get what you want, you need a mindset with POWER.

More powerful than a wish is Desire.  More powerful yet than desire is CONGRUENCE, or, to use another term, single-mindedness.

Single-mindedness has a way of cutting through challenges, obstacles and impossibilities like a hot knife through butter. Very few mindsets match its phenomenal power;  its sheer ability to GET THINGS DONE. Continue reading More powerful than a Wish

So what IS so wrong with ‘Ugly’ anyway?

hide2Someone sent me a link to a Youtube video.

A nasty little bully, intimidated by a fellow student’s intelligence, charisma and unbelievable cuteness, calls her ‘ugly.’ The (very pretty by the way) girl responds with a brilliant, “I came here to STUDY, not make a fashion statement.” AB-SO-LU-TELY fantastic response. The girl is four years old.

I wish I had even half of the girl’s panache (and her mom and dad’s parenting manual!).

When all else fails, bullies of every age feel able to pull out that old chestnut, “you are ugly.” Continue reading So what IS so wrong with ‘Ugly’ anyway?

The Nature of Love

Migrant worker, somewhere in the world
Migrant worker, somewhere in the world

Love can just as easily be defined by what it is not as by what it is. So what is it not?

Love does not make over the beloved. It loves what is. True, love is powerful, but that is not where its power lies. Love alone cannot change character. Ask any mother of the incorrigible delinquent, or the long-suffering partner of the cruel lover. Love endures, forgives and nurtures. But it does not transform the beloved. If it could, a mother’s love for many a criminal would have kept them from doing harm long before they got to the dock. And that is the shocker. The most ‘unlovely’ amongst us, in deeds, ‘looks’ or moral fibre, are not unloved.
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Out of the desert

sahara-505521_1920Almost every epic story or legend has its characters spend some time out in the wilderness. We are stirred by the adventurers’ grit, their torments and feel every tortured step as they make their way across the barren wastes. We feel their hope when the first signs of green land begin to appear, and feel their happiness when we know that they’ve conquered the wastes and come out the other end alive. They are no longer the people who started the journey at the far reach of the desert. They emerge older, wiser and better for it.

There are some things only being in the desert can do. Continue reading Out of the desert