The World’s 3 Worst Mind Viruses

Your current thinking is failing you…

WE ARE BEING ROBBED of our authentic lives and don’t even know who the robbers are. The author outs the THREE horsemen of personal apocalypse…MIS-Education, MIS-Information and, theabsolute worst, MIS-Direction. The three mind viruses that have and have contributed to an epidemic of jadedness, helplessness and despair.

If you’ve ever wondered why…

  • dating and relationship advisors are so fixated on ‘make-overs’ (your online profile, your wardrobe, your face, your conversation skills)?
  • prosperity gurus are so bent on you ‘fixing’ yourself?
  • some of the most beautiful people never find love and many of the most intelligent ones never make good money?
  • people with disadvantages identical to yours are so hugely successful?
  • and finally, why ‘idiots’ do so well?

…you need to read this book.

The answer, is hidden in plain sight

With unparalleled clarity the book reveals the single common denominator behind the new wave of personal success stories that is sweeping across the globe. Slum millionaires, uneducated patent princesses, third world Forbes shortlisters, village entrepreneurs and activists with a global impact, billionaire composers (who cannot read music)…‘unattractive’ folk finding amazing life-partners, people who previously lacked confidence finding, meeting and keeping friends…these people do not seem to be at the mercy of employers, clients, market forces, looks, economic meltdowns, politicians, house prices or interest rates, personal or global history, geographic location, age, weight, [fill in your personal challenge], whatever. They are clueless about motivational workshops and all self-help staples, have never heard of The Law of Attraction, never paid for a wealth creation seminar, and don’t bother to look any different what they always have. They are from all backgrounds and every ‘demographic,’ with every known disadvantage bafflingly represented.

Somehow, these people have the ability to recognise opportunity and potential with eerie consistency. They literally see the world with different eyes. They are able to unearth brilliant business prospects from economic rubble, make savvy investments, master multiple skills and languages, connect with people at a visceral level, find wonderful collaborative and life partners, and, as a rule, have an uncanny ability avoid costly emotional, monetary and physical mistakes. How they spend their mental currency, while you stew on trifles, running from pillar to post, is what makes the difference between their genius, and your despair.