More powerful than a Wish

girl_bike2If wishes were horses…you know what comes next.  The saying states the obvious; that mere wishes have absolutely no currency. To get what you want, you need a mindset with POWER.

More powerful than a wish is Desire.  More powerful yet than desire is CONGRUENCE, or, to use another term, single-mindedness.

Single-mindedness has a way of cutting through challenges, obstacles and impossibilities like a hot knife through butter. Very few mindsets match its phenomenal power;  its sheer ability to GET THINGS DONE.

The power of personal congruence works from the inside out. Instead of begging people to help you, the power of your convictions has people falling over themselves to give support to your cause and carry you to your victory. People of means and influence will cancel important appointments to give audience to the congruent individual. Funds are found, time is created and people beat a path to your door.  When you speak, there is no tremor in your voice, only a conviction that causes others to believe, and invest, in your ideas. The world recognises that something amazing is unfolding in its midst and people, circumstances and, sometimes, even the universe itself seems to conspire to ensure your success. The pull of the extraordinary has people mired in mediocrity and the dullness of their shackled existence rush out of their homes to be part of something big. It is an irresistible force that has people sacrifice their time, effort and even their lives for what they feel is bigger than themselves.

Single-mindedness cuts a powerful swathe through obstacles that have lesser people turning back in despair. A congruent person does not see ‘NO’. It is as though the individual is in possession of powers and abilities beyond the rest of us. Where challenges exist, they see only stepping stones. This ability turns ordinary women and men into giants of history. In a congruent individual, every faculty is in agreement. Every muscle, every sinew, every impulse, thought or inclination, every part of their being is in agreement. There is zero dissent, a complete stillness in the being. This is a deeply personal state, and very, very powerful indeed. There is no fear. The road rises to meet you, the crowd parts before you and the arrow hits the target. Obstacles become trifles. The outcome is guaranteed. Congruence is a state that envelopes your entire being. An all-encompassing connection of your mind with your physical self. A sensation from your core, from your senses, from your sense of self, too subtle to be cognitively expressed. The noise in your head is gone. All is quiet. You know what to do.

If you are able to get to this point, you become unstoppable.