Becoming Extraordinary:

“Whatever your present difficulty, your brain can find a way out of it.”

Whatever your current difficulty, there is a science to it. A science that explains exactly how you ended up where you are. There is a pattern to your inability to pay bills, live where you want to, find love or use your talents to your benefit. A mesmerising storyteller has pulled a pretty screen across the entire mess, shielding it from view. It is my hope that this book pushes that curtain so far back that you are never again pulled by anyone’s strings but your own.



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2 thoughts on “Becoming Extraordinary:

  1. Hi Nekesa! I’ve just finished reading your book and oh my! What a ride! I LOVED it. It’s been a while since I’ve read something that’s really grabbed by attention like this. Many, shall I say, personal development or “how to succeed” books have recently started to read like cut-and-paste copies of each other. No-one really tells it like you do! It’s early days yet but I do believe things are starting to change. This is exciting, and sometimes scary stuff. Are you planning on doing any coaching? All the best!

  2. It is funny how disconnected we become from our bodies to the point where we literally need pain or dis-ease to pay attention to ourselves. This book has allowed me reacquaint myself with my mind, body and life in a way that i didn’t think possible. I am making mindful choices and living a lot more consciously. It isnt always easy but the rewards are great.
    Thank you.

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